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Of Meowth and Men

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Professor Samuel Oak


October 16th, 2010

'Pokemon' Research

hmm but

Small winged bears that seem to have a mail system of their own. Campers have said they're great listeners and that they 'save' for you. Will have to look into this more later, though they seem to be fond of the word 'kupo'.

Large primeates whose purple color is astounding. Perhaps it is due to their diets? They are exceptionally amorous, and not particularly picky... further research will have to be done from afar. First person accounts may be preferred.

[Medium Sized Dragon]
Approximately 10 feet in length. Coloring is entirely black. Dark type perhaps? It doesn't seem aggressive though it seems more than capable of defending itself, it seems to prefer teasing others instead of outright aggression. One one has been seen.

[Other Large Dragons]
Research is incredibly limited, but they seem to have some sort of speech capabilities. Will see if they'll answer questions at a later date. They seem to vary wildly in color, shape, and size- but may be the same species?

August 24th, 2010

[23:24:19] <@ProfessorOak> okay so. Red leaves Pallet. Two years later is when he disappeared. One year after that is Gold's story. I think Ruby/Sapphire is also happening in this time period.
[23:24:38] <@ProfessorOak> Half a year later after ruby/sapphire, is the deoxys bits
[23:24:45] <@Yellow> ... oh, if it's the timeline, I had it figured out
[23:24:47] <@ProfessorOak> battle frontier is a few months after that
[23:25:00] <@ProfessorOak> not sure how long after that is D/P though
[23:25:07] <@Yellow> Well
[23:25:14] <@Yellow> FR/LG is five years after RGB
[23:25:45] <@ProfessorOak> so if Adventures started in 1996, Red disappears in 1998. G/S is 1999, and Battle Frontier is 2000 because of the new year thing, iirc
[23:25:59] <@ProfessorOak> oh is it?
[23:26:04] <@Yellow> Yeah
[23:26:04] dppt is unknown right/
[23:26:04] ?
[23:26:04] <@ProfessorOak> then battle frontier would have to be 2001
[23:26:16] <@Yellow> DPPT can be assumed to be at the same time as HGSS
[23:26:23] <@Yellow> At least, the games are
[23:26:32] <@Yellow> And yeah
[23:26:35] oh right
[23:26:46] <@Yellow> Red is 11 in RGB and 16 in FRLG
[23:28:06] <@ProfessorOak> D/P starts on Sept 28th
[23:28:22] ....so much pokemath
[23:28:35] <@Yellow> indeed
[23:28:50] <@ProfessorOak> assuming that D/P isn't 9 years after emerald's journey
[23:29:20] <@ProfessorOak> which I don't think is likely since iirc they mentioned ruby/sapphires 8 badges in 80 days thing
[23:29:27] <@ProfessorOak> but assuming that, 2010 is still probably our future
[23:29:43] <@ProfessorOak> and 1985 is our past
[23:29:43] <@Yellow> Aye, probably
[23:29:54] <@Yellow> Though we still have transporters and pokeballs and cool stuff
[23:29:56] <@ProfessorOak> it's definite and yet vague enough to work with

August 21st, 2010

App Post

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